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Best and worst of preseason week one? | NFL Fan Poll

Best and worst of preseason week one?

Updated: August 13, 2012
Source: The Bleacher Report

Source: The Bleacher Report

While many fans feel that preseason games don’t matter – they still have a huge impact on what happens during the regular season.  The preseason gives each team an opportunity to boost team morale and create a good playbook for the organization.  Now that the first week of preseason is out of the way, The Bleacher Report has come up with various best and worst performances of the week.  Let’s see if you agree or disagree with any of these opinions!


Quinton Coples, Jets: He was used at various positions on the line of scrimmage and was dominant in those spots. Coples had five tackles – the Bleacher Report states he does great when working from the inside out.

Andrew Luck, Colts: The Bleacher Report is going so far as to call Luck a possible Joe Montana, and after losing Peyton Manning, it’s just the thing Colt fans need to hear. Luck has a great throwing arm and a sense of calm on the field during plays, which helps him stay in control of the offense.


Mike Adams, Steelers: Nine plays into the opener for the Steelers and rookie Mike Adams left with a knee injury. It’s not the injury that lands him on the ‘worst’ list, it’s his playing time. During his nine plays, 2.5 sacks were given up by Adams. The Bleacher Report also comments on his lack of strength and that he doesn’t use his body properly as a left tackle.

Brandon Weeden, Browns: As a rookie quarterback, his first game with the Detroit Lions was not ideal. Stats for the game include an interception, passer rating of 19.0, fumble and zero touchdowns. Weeden isn’t too worried, though. In an interview with The Chronicle-Telegram, Weeden said, “Overall I’m upbeat about it. I think the way I felt and the plays we did make that were positive plays were good and we’ve got to build off those.”

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(via The Bleacher Report)

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