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Beginner’s Luck for Class of 2012? | NFL Fan Poll

Beginner’s Luck for Class of 2012?

Updated: August 13, 2012
Source: NFL.com

Source: NFL.com


First week of preseason is over, and it’s time to dissect the standouts. Debate whether is this a teaser or a bust, or, just luck? (no pun intended). We know how little preseason tell us. As Micheal Lombardi of NFL.com says, “preseason games tell part of the story, but  not the whole story.” We can recall how terrible preseason game Cam Newton had, but then later shattered the numbers during regular season. So all that said, let’s look at the class of 2012 thus far!

Pick No. 1 Andrew Luck:

Beginner’s luck? A lot is being said on what he did he did  against a 22nd ranked defense in the Rams. But the thing to look for is how he did it, by making it look easy! Fooling the secondary D with his eyes and going to his second or third options at times made him seem like a somewhat veteran. Pocket presence, mobility and accuracy was all there.He looked solid, poised, and above all calm! He managed to stagger these numbers:

10 of 16 for 188 yards and two TDs, a QB rating of 142.7 (via NFL.com)


Pick No. 2 Robert Griffin III (RG3):

Say whaaat!?! RG3 didn’t display any conventional ‘rookie’ plays either, for much of it, he seemed like a veteran as well! He went through reads and with a defense end who just signed a 6years/$96M contract (via Sportrac.com): Mario Williams! Definitely a better defense than tha Rams. RG3 completed three passes to Garcon for 58 yards during the eight play, 80-yard touch down drive! Here’s what coach Shanahan had to say: “He did everything you asked him to do. He stepped up. Made some plays, some excellent throws. He was very calm cool collected. Excellent for his first game.” (washingtonpost.com) Here’s the numbers RG3 walked out with:

 4 of 6 for 70 yards and a TD. A QB rating of 145.8 (via NFL.com)


Pick No. 8 Ryan Tannehill:

Before he took his first snap, he was seen as the third string but today things are much different. He is familiar with the offensive coordinator Mike Sherman, as he was his Head Coach at Texas A&M. He showed glimpses of stardom, and seems to be more than ready to take charge of his team. With the first possession in the second half, Tannehill led the team on a nine-play, 70-yard drive that ended with him hitting Clay for an 11-yard touchdown pass. Tannehill put up decent numbers with:

14 of 21 passing for 167 yards and a TD. A QB rating of 106.6 (via NFL.com)


Pick No. 22 Brandon Weeden:

Brandon Weeden was already named the starter for the Browns. His preseason performance was bit up and down. However, did so without Trent Richardson at running back. It’s safe to say that the Browns fans should be encouraged and should perform well.


Pick 57 Brock Osweiler:

He made a good first impression to the Denver fans with two scoring drives. Backup spot for Peyton Manning is still up for grabs and with what Caleb Haine showed in preseason, Osweiler looks to be a good and growing QB who may end up being a good option for back up.


Pick 75 Russell Wilson:

Wait, whos he? That’s the guy who showed off serious starter potential for the Seahawks with rushing and throwing the ball! He did threw in interception in the redzone but he’s definitely someone to keep an eye on! Here are his numbers:

12 for 16 passes for 124 yards. And he added 59 yards in rushing (via NFL.com)


Out of all these QBs who surprised you the most with their performance?

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