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Are the Rams Better Off Under Fisher? | NFL Fan Poll

Are the Rams Better Off Under Fisher?

Updated: August 3, 2012
Source: Yahoo! Sports

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Now that training camp is underway, teams are coming together with new players and coaches – and one person many will be watching is Jeff Fisher as he starts the 2012 season as head coach for the St. Louis Rams. After a poor losing streak in previous years, the Rams could use an experienced head coach, and Fisher has plenty of that – over 16 years of head coaching teams like the Houston Oilers and more recently, the Tennessee Titans.

It might be hard for a team to thrive under new leadership at first, but Rams’ players seem optimistic. The quarterback for the team, Sam Bradford, had his first impression with Fisher before the coach agreed to take over. In an interview with ESPN, Bradford says, “I think the biggest thing for me when we met was there was no nonsense. Everything that he has said has been valuable information. There is never that talk just to talk. That is what everyone really respects about him.”

For a team that hasn’t seen much success in the past few seasons, any step in the right direction is sure to give off some confidence. Sports analysts seem to think that between Bradford as the quarterback and Fisher as head coach, there is reason for optimism. Other vital members of the team include defensive ends Chris Long and Robert Quinn – both of whom are showing strength on the field with Bradford. Fans should keep an eye on Bradford this season — in his first five starts for 2011, he had two 300-yard passing games before he was sidelined with an ankle sprain. So, do you think the Rams have a chance this year? We want to hear your opinion!

(via ESPN)

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